Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heads Up!!! Super duper Black Friday Deal from Websters Pages!

I just wanted to do a quick share with you all! Check out this amazing deal Websters Pages has for this Friday (Black Friday Sale!!) Websters Pages has put together 2 AMAZING kits at a crazy value too! These kits include all the product shown in the photos along with step by step instructions for projects made by the WP design team! Each kit is valued at $65.00 and are on sale for $25.00! Here are the kit details:

“It’s a Sweet Season” Premium Paper & Embellishment Pack with FREE Page & Card Project Included:
1-Card & Page Project Instruction Sheet, 1-TM9808 Collection Trim Pack, 1-WB1003 Wire Floral, 5-6x6 diecut paper, 1 6” NEW gem strip, 1-R03 Petite Roses, 1-TM9712 Robins Egg 1yd bloomers, 1-TM9714 Pink Kiss 1yd bloomers, 1-VB1003 Velvet Berries, 1-WGS10 Peacock Pack of 10 Glitter Sparklers, 1-LNF06 Princess Petals, 1-US1664 Journaling Card Pack, 1-FR1800 Fabric Ribbon Card set, 1-WS1044 Image Stickers, 1-WS1040 Alphabet Stickers, 3-US1786D 12x12 diecuts, 3-US1787D Vellum, 3-US1755D Vellum, 3-US1785D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1784D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1783D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1781D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1780D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1782D 12x12 Papers.

“Come Home for the Holidays” Premium Paper & Embellishment Pack with FREE Mini Album Project Included...

1-Mini Album Project Instruction Sheet, 1-TM9716 Celery 1yd bloomers pack, 1-TM9803 Collection Trim Package, 1-TM9814 Collection Trim Package, 1-LNF02 Princess Petals, 1-R01 Petite Roses, 1-WB1002 Wire Bouquet, 2-6” NEW gem Strips, 1-WGS07 Glitter Sparklers Pack of 10, 1-VB1002 Velvet Berries, 5-6x6 diecut papers, 1-WVS08 Vintage Glitter Sparklers Package, 1-WS1043 Image Sticker Sheet, 1-WS1039 Alphabet Sticker Sheet, 1-WS1021 Alphabet Sticker Sheet, 1-WS1015 Sticker Sheet, 3-US1778D 12x12 diecut paper, 3-US1779D Vellum, 3-US1715D Vellum, 2-US1772D 12x12 Papers, 2-US1720D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1776D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1774D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1775D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1777D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1776D 12x12 Papers.

So, now that we're all scrambling to drop hints to our husbands, here's what you need to know...

•Black Friday Deals START at MIDNIGHT (EST) on Thursday night & last through the weekend, expiring Sunday at Midnight.

•We have VERY Limited Quantities Available – when they’re sold out, they’re OUT

•Both kits retail for over $65 but they can be all yours for only $25 plus shipping. (No handling fees.)

•Also, we've added a special addition to these kits...each one contains never before seen 6" gem strips. These gems are exclusive to these kits and aren't currently available anywhere else.

Don't miss out on this awesome deal!  For more info on project included in the kits you can check out the Websters Pages blog site HERE


Geraldine said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'd so love the Come Home for the Holidays kit. Best wishes, Geraldine.

kevin lockett said...

Thanks for the info! www.bfguys.com (Black Friday 4 Guys)

caroleanne said...

thank you for the heads up but I cant find where to buy from on their site! regards from Carole

Suzie McFloozy said...

I was having the same problem carole ann - found it by clicking on the product name (our products tab) Now realise that to purchase something from "groupon" (!?) to get the deal !
What a shame thought I'd found an amazing deal !
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

Suzie McFloozy said...

Now I have stopped hyperventilating and calmed down some (!!!!!) I have come to the conclusion that this deal isn't yet on the website and will not be available until midnight Thurs (5am UK time) - sorry got so very excited !!
Me thinks I will be up early tomorrow !!
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Yes! ...sale starts at midnight Thursday!!...you'll find it at the www.websterspages.com site! Sorry if that wasn't clear in my post :)


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