Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Creating Recipe Book with Bo Bunny's Misc. Me

I just love that there are some really beautiful inserts and designs to create a beautiful Recipes Collection book with Misc. Me!   My oldest daughter Chloe has become quite the little chef, she is almost daily experimenting with cooking and baking.  So I thought it would be a nice thing to make her up a special recipe book to keep all her recipes in.  Once I was done putting the book together (most of it blank for her to work in her choices), I thought I would pop in a few recipes she's tried and add a few photos of her and her sister, baking and cooking over the years. Just a little something to get her started.

The above photo was taken when Chloe and Meagan went to my sisters house to make Sprinkle cookies, one of their first baking adventures.  The recipe on the right is my dear husbands favourite salad that he's always asking Chloe to make for him.

Chloe and I made these Bass fillet's breaded in Japanese Panko (bread crumbs), I thought it would be fun to show the photo of Chloe holding the fresh Bass fish she and her dad caught on a fishing trip they took (the fish in the photo are the fish she caught).

A fun trend in scrapbooking lately is to use feathers to embellish pages.  I wanted to use some natural elements to decorate with so I thought it would be nice to use feathers to accent the page.
Designer Tip:  I thought it would be fun to try a fun little design trick on these feathers.  I've been seeing curled feathers lately online, but couldn't seem to find any in stores.  So I decided to try curling them myself.  Have you ever tried curling ribbons with the edge of a scissor or the dull side of a butter knife?  You do this the same way!  Just loosen the strands by running your fingers down along the stem.  Then just using the dull edge of a butter knife, start at the base of the strand and run it along the strand (between the knife edge and your thumb).  Easy Peasy!
When I gave my daughter this book, she was so delighted to have a book she can easily keep adding her recipes to.  One of her favourite things about the inserts was the conversion table insert that comes with the recipe cards.
Bo Bunny Supplies:
Misc. Me Binder/The Avenues
Misc. Me Recipe Contents/The Avenues
Misc. Me Note Paper/The Avenues
Misc. Me Contents/The Avenues
Misc. Me 8x10 Recipe Protectors Pack
Misc. Me 8x10 Page Protector(full page)
Patterned Paper: Antique, Trellis, Courtyard, Clocks, Shutters, Doors/The Avenues
Brads: The Avenues
Noteworthy: The Avenues
Layered Chipboard: The Avenues
Jewels: The Avenues
Blossoms: Denim, Natural Earth/Bouquet
I also included a bunch of the pocket style pages available in the Misc. Me collections so that my daughter can keep some of those 'vintage' handwritten recipies that have been passed down through the generations in their original form.
Thanks so much for stopping by today, to see more Misc. Me project ideas please take a moment to stop by the Bo Bunny Blog today!


Dee in N.H. said...

That is AWESOME!!! How beautiful a place to keep those memories. My favorite is the picture of her and her fish with the recipe.

Jacqueline P said...

Oh my...seeing her holding those that was disturbing haha. I am not a fish person..either seeing them in a tank or on my plate or anywhere in between. I have been trying to figure out how to put a cook book together for my BFF, she wanted a place to also add a photo of what she made...I like idea of using left side for her image and right side for recipe...I wasn't thinking that LO, but works perfectly.
Thanks bunches!!!

Carolyn Stephenson said...

What a fabulous idea, such a beautiful book.

luv46kdz said...

What a great gift to make your daughter! Love the pics with the recipes. Personal cook books are a treasure to a family, sometimes people don't realize that. Recipes with notes from the loved one describing what to change or if it was good is a piece that gets handed down. With all this electronic stuff, blogs, pinterest, a recipe book has become a lost art.


morkaren said...

Den kogebog er da alletiders flotte håndskrevne opskrifter, skønne madbilleder og så dine søde små "køkkenskriver" dejlig bog som kan blive et skønt familieklenodie. knus morkaren.

Lainie Michel said...

What an ingenious idea for a recipe book! I love that you can remove the recipes and the book can still stay so beautiful! This is absolutely gorgeous :)

Romy said...

Oh wow, I just love what you did with the Misc Me! Your pages are looking fabulous!

Anonymous said...

fun, Fun, FUN!!
Such a beautiful keepsake for Cloe~
(One day you will need one for Megan; but by then
there will be a new/different collection to work with:)
LoVe how you incorporated photo's
in this recipe book; I've not seen that B4~
Thanks for sharing; wonderful inspiration~

Sandra said...

Such a great idea with the photos as well as the recipes, I love the look of your recipe book.

Becky said...

What gorgeous and creative pages. I love the window and little birds on the first one and the feathers with the flower is gorgeous.

pattyo said...

How beautiful! Your daughter will always treasure this, I'm sure!

Cathy said...

Gorgeous Grabrielle!! Love that you have added photos to go with your handwritten recipes and the little pockets to add their own is a fab idea!

phamil said...

How very creative! And beautiful too. I love having the photos to go with the recipes, really makes saving the memories come alive!!!

Lizzyc said...

Oh wow, this is pretty and practical.. thanks for sharing about the feathers, the blue ones look amazing!

Theresa said...

Love the concept of this. Have been looking for a way to store the on-line recipes that I have tried and liked and would do again if I don't lose them. thanks as always for sharing.

Tone-Lill said...

Gorgeous mini album and a fun way to keep recipes. It looks from the photos that you have made some delicious dishes too. I love the fish on the line photo :)

debmuc said...

Love love love it! I made my grown daughter a binder recipe book for her 19th birthday 3 yrs. ago as she to loves to cook.I asked all our relatives and close friends to contribute a fav recipe and leave an encouraging note on it for her as well. Had so many i had to use a binder and just scrapbooked each divider - she absolutely loves that book!

Kim Le said...

I love how you added scrapbook layouts to your recipe book. Very creative! I was wondering how you make the fuzzy white border around your pictures?

Cindy Gay said...

What an awesome young lady she is and I love your "cookbook"!

Vicky Alberto said...

fabulous idea... trying to zoom in to get that pretzel recipe, LOL!

Kimberly G said...

Such awesome pages.

Becky said...

What stunning pages, each one is so beautiful, great photos too :)

ingrid said...

such a great gift for your daughter! looks amazing!! xxx

Mary Elizabeth said...

My heart was warmed by reading this post. What an amazing way to capture these memories. I have no doubt that this will be a cherished keepsake for years to come. The photos are marvelous. Thanks for the inspiration!!! said...

Very nice recipe album but didn't understand how you made it. Is there a pic of the front of it?


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