Thursday, February 14, 2019

NEW! Tutorial on Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper!

Hi All!

I know it's been a very long time since I last posted here on my blog, not even sure how many people still subscribe but here goes :)  ...As some of you already may know I took a bit of a break, this past year has been a tough one, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and had numerous heart conditions to deal with, added to that I found out my Dad has colon cancer as well.  We're getting through this though, as for me I'm doing a lot better but am on a waiting list for a procedure for my atrial fibrillation.  Enough about me though, I recently have been intrigued by alcohol ink on Yupo paper.  So many have asked that I do a tutorial on products I use to make my artwork and a little watch the process video, hopefully the above tutorial will be helpful to you!

I began being interested in fluid art over a year ago (acrylic pours etc.) but never followed through with giving it a try.  But when I saw this alcohol ink on Yupo paper (not really paper but more of a plastic sheet), I saw how little investment it took and really not a lot of mess either.  So I thought I'd give it a try!  It's so much fun to do!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today (I would've posted more close-up pics but for some reason blogger is not letting me upload photos....going to have to figure that out! ) :)

Gabrielle Pollacco xo


Ms. Lucie said...

Oh Gabrielle! I have been out of touch with your blog for a long while-just busy with life! But now I am back and so glad of it! I am so sad to hear about your health battles! Please know I will keep you and your dad in my prayers! You are my inspiration!

Carmen said...

Hi Gabrielle, So sorry to hear of all the issues you've had to deal with over the past while, and your dad too. That's a lot! I'm happy to see you back on here and I hope you're doing much better! Yupo is interesting stuff! I've played a bit. Have a good day!

Unknown said...

NEW! Tutorial on Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper --- what type of gold color are you using? Company? Thanks. Beautiful work and thank you for sharing.

Inky1 said...

You are my favorite Alcohol Ink Artist & I'm learning so much from your videos and blog. Thank you for sharing your talent and resources.d

Inky1 said...

Hmmmm - can't tell if my comment got published or not, so here it is again! You are my favorite Alcohol Ink Artist and I am LOVING your videos and tutorials! Thank you for sharing your talent, your techniques and your resources.
Love, Inky1

Nina X said...

God be with you, your father and family as you go through this difficult time. How good of you to continue to share your art with us!
Blessings flow!

Alicia said...

Fantastic!! Hope everything is going better. Thanks for sharing.

SussiPoppins said...

Amazing...thanks for showing how you do it. I learnt alot. Inky hugs


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