Bo Bunny DT

I've been on the Bo Bunny Design Team for a number of years and have enjoyed every moment of it!  The team consists of some beautiful, sweet, kind-hearted ladies that make being on this team pure pleasure.  And working with Bo Bunny's gorgeous collections is a dream come true.  Here is a list of the 2013-2014 Bo Bunny Design Team:

BoBunny Design Team

1. Agnieszka Bellaidea - Canada
2. Amy VoorthuisNetherlands
3. Bernii MillerAustralia
4. Denise Van DeventerSouth Africa
5. Evgenia PetzerSouth Africa
6. Gabrielle PollaccoCanada
7. Ilene TellDelaware, USA
8. Irene Tan - Malaysia
9. Juliana Michaels - Ohio, USA
10. Kaori FujimottoJapan
11. Keri BabbittUtah, USA
12. Lisa Nazario-GregoryFlorida, USA
13. Lisa Novogrodski Rhode Island, USA
14. Lynn ShokoplesCanada
15. Maryia PotapovichRepublic of Belarus
16. Megan GourlayNew Zealand
17. Rhonda A. Van Ginkel - Minnesota, USA
18. Romy Veul -Netherlands
19. Tracee ProvisUnited Kingdom
20. Ulrika WandlerSweden


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