Monday, July 5, 2010

Tutorial, Creating a larger rose with a heart punch

Have you ever had a bunch of medium/small blooms that nicely match your papers but need a larger 'center-piece' bloom to go with your page? Here's a cool solution. By using a heart punch and a simple circle punch (you could easily hand cut small circle) and choosing cardstock to coordinate with your patterned paper you can make a quick larger bloom for your page.

Step 1
Punch out 9 heart shapes and one circle shape from your cardstock. (I used the Marvy Uchida 1 1/4 inch heart punch and the Marvy Uchida 1" circle punch) Ink all the edges of your edges with a neutral color chalk ink like Colorbox Chestnut chalk ink or a complimentary color to your cardstock.

Step 2
Cut a slit into the middle of each heart shape just a little more than halfway down. and ink the inner cut edges too. slightly bend up the petal from the place you ended the center cut and lightly curl back each petal using a pencil or a wooden skewer.

Put some glue down on the circl piece and lay 5 of the petals around the edges of the circle adding glue if needed. This can also be done with a glue gun but remember quick drying hot glue does not give you a lot of time to maneuver the petals.

Step 4
Now add another blob of glue to the center of the bloom. Lay down your last 4 heart shapes around inside the first circle of petals. Your larger bloom design is now ready to add the smaller co-ordinating bloom to the center. In the photo below I used a bloom center I made using the Ruffled Flower (Mum Style) technique to create this finished bloom.....

For the tutorial on making the Ruffled Flower (Mum Style) bloom see my next post.

Thanks for having a peek!

~Gabrielle xxx


Jolanda said...

Hi,this is a GREAT way to make such beautiful roses!!Thank you for showing us!!
Have afantastic day.
Love Jolanda

Katherine said...

Thanks for more flower tutorials - I really enjoy them - I will have a go and then post a link back :)



Michelle said...

I'd love to get inside your brain for a day or two! How do you think this stuff up??? These flowers are gorgeous! and thanks for sharing Patti's tip about cutting the lace doily punch into little pieces. Excellent tip! can't wait to go play with all these new ideas!!! Michelle

Val said...

Thanks a lot


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