Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sneak Peek Tuesday! {TCW Stencils}

It's Tuesday! And time for another sneak peek at a project I've been working on using another stencil I designed for The Crafter's Workshop Stencils!  This one is a canvas with a polymer clay centerpiece.  I will have a video tutorial up for this one soon (both on how I made the centerpiece and the whole canvas design).

The stencil I used for this background design is called "Jungle Vines" TCW658 and can be ordered soon from The Crafter's Workshop or at the CHA coming up soon!  I will be showing this canvas in it's entirety soon....ha, been saying soon a lot haven't I! :)  But I promise I've got lotsa fun video tutorials to share with you all :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, as always I really appreciate all the lovely and kind comments, they make my day! xo


J. said...

I really enjoy your work. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Stunning! Thank you for sharing the sneak peek of your forthcoming stencils you've designed for The Crafter's Workshop Stencils! Looking forward to your video tutorials.

mommyx2 said...

Awesome sneak peak!! I cannot wait to see your new stencils!

Lizzyc said...

This looks amazing.. cant wait to see the whole reveal..

Janene said...

Oh Gabi... Tat's looks amazing!! Want more details on how you did that!! Hope to se Jamie at Creativation - we will have ALL your new stencils for Sure!!!!! Not to mention our hidden secret more stamps!!! I a seeing samples tomorrow - ill email you :) Such exciting times! So can't wait for these stencils!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! I wish Michaels carried the dusty attic products!! I'm also in Canada. I love working with chipboard! Your tutorials are so helpful 💕💕

papermade fairytale said...

Oh my goodness my dear Gabrielle... you are a wishing well of inspiration! This is amazingly beautiful and I think I just got such a gorgeous idea for missing piece for my project!

Loooove you and absolutely love your work!

Whimsytouches said...

I am simply floored. Stunning, fantabulous, way too awesome canvas. However, do you do it. I'm a big fan of clay and chipboards, love how you made use of both. Again, thanks so much for such awesome tutorial. Coincidentally, tonight I finished layout, inspired by your moving vines stencil. I will definitely look for your newer stencils.


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